Loafers, or slip-ons, come in both men's and women's styles. It is not unusual for a man's loafer to have a tassel , although this can be seen in women's varieties too. Loafers were originally men's shoes, and are usually thought of as such, although women do now wear them.

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No, we’re not talking about Chet chastising Wyatt for wearing women’s underwear (who are we to judge?). We’re talking about covering your brakes while riding in traffic. By keeping two fingers on top of the front brake lever, when you roll off the throttle your fingers automatically move into position to squeeze the brake lever. If you overreact and stab the brake lever too fast, you can apply more brake pressure than the front tire can handle and—if you don’t have ABS—cause the front wheel to lock up. As Nick Ienatsch teaches in his Yamaha Champions Riding School, you must load the tire before you can work the tire. By covering the front brake, you can react less aggressively and progressively apply stronger pressure, which compresses the front fork smoothly, weights the front tire and helps it grip. You should also cover the rear brake pedal and practice using both brakes in unison for full stopping power. Hard, controlled braking is an invaluable skill for motorcycle commuting, so if you’re not comfortable doing it, practice in an empty parking lot.

Whether you ride a Harley or not, you can look like a hardcore biker if you want. Pulling off the biker look can take a lot of work and some drastic changes to your personal appearance. Once you achieve the look you can relax and enjoy the biker lifestyle of bars, bikes and the open road.

 · This is how you look like a biker. I hope it was helpful and thank you for watching!!! Song: Jeriqo - New Places

Like A Motorcycle Dress DecentLike A Motorcycle Dress DecentLike A Motorcycle Dress DecentLike A Motorcycle Dress Decent