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Public awareness and action are the keys to preventing the spread of invasive hitchhikers! Research shows that 97 percent of boaters and anglers are willing to take action to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species after they were exposed to Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! and its Clean, Drain, Dry prevention message. Of those that have not seen the campaign’s logo, nine of 10 respondents knew what it meant. This is the mark of an effective brand.

A counterargument to Oolon's theory can be seen in the many reincarnations of the creature, Agrajag . The unlucky Agrajag says, "I had to fight for this one!", referring to his current reincarnation in the Cathedral of Hate. Now, if that fight involved discussion with some God-like being, then such a being would have to exist - which seems to imply that, actually, the Babel fish is simply yet another byproduct of pure coincidence. But perhaps Agrajag is just crazy as a bat.

There are quite a lot of numbers to choose from, so why did Douglas Adams choose 42? Basically he wanted a small, ordinary, innocuous number and he picked 42. This message from Adams explains his choice.

Looking for an ID on your aquarium hitchhiker? Want more information, pictures, removal methods/culture methods and even pronunciation? Look no more!

In recent years, hitchhikers themselves have started seeing efforts to strengthen the hitchhiking community. One example is the annual Hitchgathering , an event organized by the hitchhikers, for the hitchhikers. There now are websites like hitchwiki and hitchbase, which are platforms for hitchhikers to share tips and provide a way of looking up good hitchhiking spots around the world.

Douglas Adams also wrote the Dirk Gently series of books, was a script editor for Doctor Who, played left-handed guitar incredibly well, and help produce some rather good computer games. Please see or the Douglas Adams page on Wikipedia for more information on these subjects.

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