I hope Tessie can keep surprising the doctor and stay with you longer. I think I do understand how you feel. Not only watching so much of your dog disappear before your dogs, but to suddenly be faced with these tough decisions. Hang in there.

The whale carcass still lies in the water. Queequeg mounts it, tied to Ishmael's belt by a monkey-rope as if they were Siamese twins . Stubb and Flask kill a right whale whose head is fastened to a yardarm opposite the sperm whale's head. Ishmael compares the two heads in a philosophical way: the right whale is Lockean , stoic, and the sperm whale as Kantean , platonic . Tashtego cuts into the head of the sperm whale and retrieves buckets of oil. He falls into the head, and the head falls off the yardarm into the sea. Queequeg dives after him and frees his mate with his sword.

Ray Charles (aka Hallelujah I Love Her So)
Atlantic 8006
Released June, 1957
Ray’s debut album was heavily stocked with hit singles that had already reached Number One on the R&B singles charts: “I’ve Got A Woman,” “A Fool For You,” “Maryann,” and “Drown In My Own Tears.” Released as “Ray Charles” in 1957, and re-released in 1962 as “Hallelujah I Love Her So”.

Alex was waiting when Ulu brought her in. Emma’s head was still lolling to the side, and drool had pooled in the corners of her mouth from the drugs they had used to keep her silent during the trip. “Put her in the horse.” Alex said, as Ulu came in.

Production companies: Vivo Film, RAI Cinema, Tarantula
Cast: Trine Dyrholm, John Gordon Sinclair, Anamaria Marinca, Sandor Funtek, Thomas Trabacchi, Karina Fernandez, Calvin Demba.
Director-screenwriter: Susanna Nicchiarelli
Producers: Gregorio Paonessa, Marta Donzelli, Joseph Rouschop, Valerie Boumonville
Executive producer: Alessio Lazzareschi
Director of photography: Crystel Fournier
Production designers: Alessandro Vannucci with Igor Gabriel
Costume designers: Francesca Vecchi, Roberta Vecchi
Editor: Stefano Cravero
Music: Gatto Ciliegia contro il Grande Freddo
Casting director: Francesca Borromeo
Venue: Venice Film Festival (Horizons)
World sales:  Celluloid Dreams

93 minutes

The gorilla was so fast that Roger could not have pulled the
trigger on his rifle if he wanted to. The gorilla almost decapitated
the guide, as the blow from his powerful paw sent Roger through the
air almost fifteen feet. Roger did not move as he hit the ground.
Jake barely had time to cry out before he was in the paws of the
gorilla and sent against a tree so hard it broke him open and blood
started soaking his face. The gorilla looked down at the gun and
seamed to realize the danger as he finished up his attack by
snapping it like a toothpick before turning back on a suddenly, very
horrified, Julia Roberts. The last two, unarmed, members of the film
crew would be nothing more then helpless voyeurs for the gorilla
rape of Julia Roberts.

“Not all the way, of course,” Renata smiled, revealing her perfect teeth.”Most guys keep their underwear on. For a while. We strongly encourage ladies to wear sexy stuff, lingerie, if you will. To keep the atmosphere up & running. And besides,” she stopped to cast an up & down look at my wife’s skimpy dress,”looks like you’ve received nothing to worry about, baby.”