This perception shift created by the Stargate information is linked to these series of keys ...

  1. Every clue leads to the conclusion that the prime cosmic connection ~ is not a collection of little green men ~ rather, a cosmic Sisterhood from the Pleiades & Sirius.
  2. The prime sharing time ~ with virtually every ancient culture on this planet ~ was in the earth era of the Matriarchies.
  3. At least, in regard to the cosmic sisterhood, the intent of the visitors is peaceful. The tales of abductions & sticking things up peoples noses is far to rude & crude for the sisterhood.
  4. However, ancient prophecies & modern translations from England's crop symbols confirm that now is the end of an era ~ the era of the patriarchies ... Though it may not be a good time for male-chauvinists, in regard to fears about the incoming year 2000 ~ the title page for the last chapter in Mark's book says it all ~ "The light at the end of the tunnel - is not an oncoming train"
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The objects were made at different times, the researchers found. The statue of Ptah dates to the New Kingdom; the style of the sphinx supports a late Ptolemaic date; and the gilded head dates to the early Ptolemaic period, the researchers said. However, by studying the site's rock layers, the researchers found that the artifacts were buried by the temple's priests during the second half of the Ptolemaic period , between the second century . and the middle of the first century ., the researchers wrote in the study. [ 7 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries from Egypt ]

Astronauts Of Antiquity AOA 1Astronauts Of Antiquity AOA 1Astronauts Of Antiquity AOA 1Astronauts Of Antiquity AOA 1