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sammy davis jr. & friends tv special 1966 (frank sinatra, edie adams, joey heatherton, count basie, william b williams) - san francisco sounds 1965 - 1972

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    Well to my amazement my very first attempt at trying to find someone who made a record and i hit the jackpot. We chatted for about 20 minutes, where he told me psycho was infact his nickmame, SI-CO (simon cohen) psycho. After exchanging details i left very very excited, where he said he had boxes of the release in either his or his brothers loft. We chatted for may times via email and phone over the years where i told him about the acetate i had also found. The stock copies from his brothers loft never did surface to this day, but better than that he told me he had some reels still very well kept from those original 1978 sessions.

    After Neo, he integrated a number of bands in the late seventies and early eighties. By 1979, he formed part of The Civilians , where began to team up with Trevor Herion ; in 1980 joined Cowboys International , replacing ex- The Clash Terry Chimes , recording some songs and doing the last tour before the split of that band; later, he was briefly in Girls At Our Best , recording their single "Politics!"/"It's Fashion" (November, 1980); later he and Herion dissolved The Civilians and formed The Fallout Club , with Thomas Dolby , releasing a number of singles, in 1981. By the time he collaborated with his ex-Cowboys International bandmate, singer Ken Lockie in his album "The Impossible" (1981), Glen Matlock 's The Mavericks and The Philistines as member, and with John Foxx and Sue Rachel as collaborator.

    Limmie Funk Limited Limmie Saturday Night's The Night / PartyLimmie Funk Limited Limmie Saturday Night's The Night / PartyLimmie Funk Limited Limmie Saturday Night's The Night / Party