Simple Mathematics says... HG Wells was born in 1866. So, he could NOT be 34 years old when he published "The Time Machine" as a novella in 1895. At best, he could be 29. Otherwise, good stuff!

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As Necrolai, she is a sinister, cold and cunning Morlock spy that does what she wants when she wants. Despite all this, she does seem to fear Morticon and, to a lesser extent, Koragg, which would explain why she puts up with their behavior and rarely talks back, after meeting Itassis however, she is shown kindness and even begging her to let Leelee live, for which Itassis accepts.

In Angel Dust's case, her parents were frantic as to the whereabouts of their daughter. Seeking to provide them with some form of closure, the Morlocks helped Angel Dust reach her parents' house where she revealed to them that she was a mutant. Fearing the worst, Angel Dust was stunned to find her parents were more accepting than she gave them credit for. However, she couldn't stay with them, thanks to the threat of the giant mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels that loomed over all Morlocks.

The Über-Morlock is encountered by time traveler Dr. Alexander Hartdegen in the year 802,701, when he steels his time machine, he is a member of the telepathic ruling class of the Morlock world who are a race of underground humanoids descending from us after the moon broke forcing them to live underground, they feed on the peaceful human race of the Eloys that live on top. The Uber morlock is superior and controls the minds of the other members of his species telepathically. He meets his death when he is suddenly pulled by Alexander into the time machine and a fight breaks out, he dies by rapidly aging when Alexander pushes him outside of the machine's sphere of influence.

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The Morlocks Morlocks Under The Wheel / Hurricane A' ComingThe Morlocks Morlocks Under The Wheel / Hurricane A' ComingThe Morlocks Morlocks Under The Wheel / Hurricane A' ComingThe Morlocks Morlocks Under The Wheel / Hurricane A' Coming