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Beaumont Glass Co: The Beaumont Glass Co. was located in Martins Ferry, WV, and was operated by Percy Beaumont, who was the brother-in-law of Harry Northwood and worked with Northwood. When Northwood left Martins Ferry in 1892, Beaumont stayed behind and the factory became Beaumont Glass. In 1893, Beaumont made a line of pressed glass that was referred to as “Columbia”, named after the Columbian Exposition of that year. This pattern is now referred to as “Beaumont’s Columbia”.  The original name was “No. 100 or Columbia”.

Whenever I see these plates I think about “fancy food” like Kentucky Fried Chicken. We couldn’t ever afford it when we were little but often when we went to eat at my Grandmother’s house they would go get KFC chicken and then make homemade mashed potatoes and fried corn to go with it and we’d eat it off of these plates. I always sat beside my great grandmother, Lela, at the big old table in my grandmother’s kitchen. You can see a pic of Lela on this post.

The painting shown is “William Massey-Stanley Driving His Cabriolet in Hyde Park” by John E. Ferneley, 1833. Yale Center fir British Art.