Tom Hanks is convincing enough as Disney with squinty eyes and a passable moustache, and Emma Thompson, who some would say is good in everything, is Travers.

Why are Mary Poppins feet often shown in a turned out ballet position?
Travers was a dancer when she was in her teens and although she wasn't trained as a ballet dancer she knew all the positions of the feet and she danced as Titania in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Stookey wrote " The Wedding Song (There is Love) " for Yarrow's marriage to Marybeth McCarthy, the niece of Eugene McCarthy , according to Stookey during an interview on the DVD Carry It On , released in 2004 by Rhino Records.

A number of other songs were written for the film by the Sherman Brothers and either rejected or cut for time. Richard, on the 2004 DVD release, indicated that more than 30 songs were written at various stages of the film's development. No cast recordings of any of these songs have been released to the public, only demos or later performances were done by the songwriters - with the exception of the rooftop reprise of "Chim-Chim-Cheree" and the "smoke staircase yodel" mentioned below.

Three years later, in 1964, Mary Poppins is to have its world premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood . Disney has not invited Travers, fearing how she might react with the press watching. Prompted by Russell, Travers shows up unannounced at Disney's office; he reluctantly issues her an invitation. Initially, she watches Mary Poppins with a lack of enthusiasm, particularly during the animated sequences. She gradually warms to the rest of the film, however, becoming deeply moved by the depiction of George Banks' personal crisis and redemption.

 · . Travers , the Australian author of Mary Poppins , was as mysterious and elusive as her creation -- the nanny who flew into the Banks' family ...

To dump showbiz, she says, she moved to Los Angeles. "I think I'm the only actress who came to Hollywood to get away from the profession, actually. 'What are you doing in LA?' 'I'm trying not to get an acting job'."

Mary Travers - Morning Glory / That's Enough For MeMary Travers - Morning Glory / That's Enough For MeMary Travers - Morning Glory / That's Enough For MeMary Travers - Morning Glory / That's Enough For Me