Nine Inch Nails ’ new ADD VIOLENCE EP has arrived. Stream it below and here via Apple Music. It’s the second in the band’s planned trilogy of EPs . The first of the three, Not the Actual Events , was released last December. Prior to the new EP’s release, NIN shared tracks “ LESS THAN ” and “ THIS ISN’T THE PLACE .” Their last full-length was 2013’s Hesitation Marks . Earlier this year, they reissued their 1999 record The Fragile alongside a companion project called Deviations 1 .

Nine Inch Nails have released a new five-song, 27-minute long EP titled  Add Violence , which follows last year’s fellow five-song EP  Not the Actual Events . This one has been led by the pre-release tracks  “Less Than”  and “This Isn’t the Place” . Last night, NIN played their first show in roughly three years in Bakersfield, which included a cover of David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” which in turn led internet sleuths to a remix of that Bowie song posted to Soundcloud which now appears to have been uploaded by Reznor under an alias. You can listen to that here , and stream the full  Add Violence  below.

Broken , the unreleased short film directed by Peter Christopherson , contains the videos for "Pinion", "Wish", and "Happiness in Slavery" as well as a video for "Help Me I am in Hell" and a different video for "Gave Up" than the one on Closure . The short film contains graphic depictions of a seemingly helpless victim being tortured and forced to watch Nine Inch Nails videos. [69]

Jesus Christ, why don’t you come save my life.
Open my eyes and blind me with your light
and your lies.

The unedited version of the video was shown on Playboy TV 's music video show Hot Rocks in 1994. In mid-2002, the unedited version aired on MTV2 as part of a special countdown showcasing the most controversial videos ever to air on MTV. This countdown was only shown late at night due to the graphic imagery of "Closer" and several other videos.

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Trent Reznor and co. serve up live debuts of “Branches / Bones”, “Less Than”, “The Lovers”, and “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)”.

Nine Inch Nails Homeboy RenzorNine Inch Nails Homeboy RenzorNine Inch Nails Homeboy RenzorNine Inch Nails Homeboy Renzor