of much more than ordinary size, extent, volume, etc.; esp., designating a thing or group of things larger than others of the same kind: the great cats are tigers ...

Once, at the beginning of his Opusculum De Creaturis Spiritualibus, Thomas had given a rough reason of why theologians do what they do: “Not being able to do the work of the angels in choir, we can at least write about them.” As he drew near to the destiny of doing the work of the angels gathered around God, perhaps the task of writing out theology, which was always a kind of compensation anyway, became less urgent.

I love the trigonometry pile up. Its so fun, but I still can’t find the one with all the other trig formulae though!

Jump from the Read Pile. The “Parker Luck” — a big part of the Spider-Man mythos — means that it’s hard for Peter Parker to ever get ahead. This issue found the perfect way to balance that by introducing a new, flexible job for the title character and a relationship that actually makes sense for him. This done-in-one Dan Slott script is brilliantly crafted and the visuals from Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, Rain Beredo and Joe Caramagna are executed perfectly. Funny, action packed and a perfect fit in a deeper fictional universe.

The concept of vagueness suggests that classical logic must be overhauled if it is to fully capture the nuances of natural language. For this reason there has been a move towards the development of fuzzy and other multivalued logics.

There are many good reasons to start composting. Aside from the fact that it is just a LOT of fun (ok, so I’m a little biased!), composting is of course very beneficial from an agricultural, horticultural and environmental standpoint as well.

Many miles of hedgerows have been removed for various reasons over the last few decades.  The remaining hedgerows on the Great Plains are habitat islands for those creatures that prefer the forest to the prairie.  Along with the gallery forest found next to streams and rivers, hedgerows provide a place to live for many kinds of wildlife that would not otherwise be found on the prairie.  In areas that have been converted to agriculture, hedgerows may be the only winter shelter available for wildlife.  Osage Orange trees are the backbone of most of those hedgerows and are a distinctive member of the flora of the Great Plains.

Donna is concerned about maintaining motivation while she saves up for her emergency fund. She's also worried about retirement. Dave addresses both, explains the reasoning behind the Baby Steps, and offers some encouragement.

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?A Great Big Pile Of Leaves Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?