In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he was given a radically different appearance owing to the more realistic designs of the game. In particular, he has yellow bolt-like buttons on his red coat where the buckles were originally, as well as a slightly raised collar obscuring his chin. The moustache, while still bushy, also looks more groomed, and he also, while still overweight, looks very lean by comparison to his usual designs. His nose is also colored the same as the rest of his skin.

The Ultrasonic Booster is like the gear in a car, where as the lowest is first gear and so forward. This also means that the higher ultrasonic booster you put on the more power is needed behind to start it, so even if the ultrasonic horn can take more gain (higher ratio), if you ultrasonic generator is not powerfully enough you will not be able to start it up and the Ultrasonic generator will go into overload.

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