Contrary to popular belief, the sailors of Columbus's day did not think they would sail right off the edge of the Earth. They were, however, apprehensive about what they would find in their travels. Mistakes about marine life have ranged from inaccurate assumptions about the behavior of known species to fanciful depictions of animals that "might" exist.

Asdûdu led the revolt of Philistines, Judeans, Edomites, and Moabites against Assyria after expulsion of king Ahimiti, whom Sargon had installed instead of his brother Azuri. Gath ( Gimtu ) belonged to the kingdom of Ashdod at that time. [13] Assyrian king Sargon II 's commander-in-chief ( turtanu ), whom the King James Bible calls simply "Tartan", Isaiah 20:1 regained control of Ashdod in 712/711 BCE [14] [15] and forced the usurper Yamani to flee. Sargon's general [16] destroyed the city and exiled its residents, including some Israelites who were subsequently settled in Media and Elam . [17]

The origin of the earliest settlement at the site of present-day Barcelona is unclear. The ruins of an early settlement have been found, including different tombs and dwellings dating to earlier than 5000 BC. [27] [28] The founding of Barcelona is the subject of two different legends. The first attributes the founding of the city to the mythological Hercules . The second legend attributes the foundation of the city directly to the historical Carthaginian general, Hamilcar Barca , father of Hannibal , who supposedly named the city Barcino after his family in the 3rd century BC, [29] but there is no historical or linguistic evidence that this is true. [26]

Wednesday, September 13 — 712 Catalan mayors are prosecuted . Spain’s Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, ordered a probe into the 712 Catalan mayors who had signed a decree in support of the October 1 independence referendum. Six days later they began to be summoned on charges of disobedience, neglect of duty and misappropriation of public funds. The general public were seen walking with their mayors to the court house throughout Catalonia. Some mayors skipped their court date, such as in Bellpuig, Tàrrega and Arenys de Mar, among others. The mayor of La Seu d’Urgell was met like this outside the HQ of Catalonia’s High Prosecutor.

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