hey creatine made me bloated and i had a kidney stone from it I also heard you can have kidney failure from it, but it made me strong 🙂

I don’t have a dog, but this gorgeous Jack Russell Valentino, painted by Josie, comes close. She found him in Florence and took him in. I fell in love with him when I was visiting and brought him home. He didn’t have any papers, so he was in quarantine for six months. I went to see him for an hour every day and he’d sit on my knee. But when he came home he was a bit loopy, so Joan decided he had to go to a friend’s. I go and see him every month.

1988. New Light Through Old Windows (1988, WEA, 2292-43841-2, )
1988. New Light Through Old Windows (1988, WEA, 243 841-2, Germany)
1988. New Light Through Old Windows (1988, WEA, CD 43841, Canada)

Chris Rea is not alone in the company of musicians who found fame later in life – think Jarvis Cocker, Leonard Cohen – and indeed it is interesting to note that he didn’t achieve UK Top Ten single status until the release of  The Road To Hell (pt2),  a record that was actually his eighteenth chart entry. Perhaps it is this fact that makes Rea such a breath of fresh air and a man effortlessly in control of his own faculties as a singer songwriter.  “I was never a rock star or pop star and all the illness has been my chance to do what I’d always wanted to do with music, ” he says.  “The best change for my music has been concentrating on stuff which really interests me.“   He is obviously referring to his love of motor racing, painting and the blues but if  Road Songs For Lovers  proves one thing it is this: you can add beautiful, poignant rock ‘n’ roll love songs to that pantheon of passions.

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Chris Rea Water SignChris Rea Water SignChris Rea Water SignChris Rea Water Sign