The National University of Singapore was formed with the merger of the University of Singapore and Nanyang University in 1980. This was done in part due to the government's desire to pool the two institutions' resources into a single, stronger entity and promote English as Singapore's main language of education. The original crest of Nanyang University with three intertwined rings was incorporated into the new coat-of-arms of NUS. [12]

King Edward VII College of Medicine (1905–1949) University of Malaya, Singapore campus (1949–1962) University of Singapore (1962–1980) Type

Microwave radiation level: Keep away from a scanner when it is transmitting. The high level of microwave is radiated from the front face of the scanner specified below. The microwave exposure at close range could result in injuries (especially of the eyes). Microwave radiation level System 50 W/m 10 W/m...

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