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The protoss tribes descended into something resembling madness as they attacked one another. One example was the Mendella Incident, where the mainly underground settlement of Mendella was flooded when another protoss faction deliberately destroyed a nearby reservoir. [7] Aiur's greater landmasses were devastated, [1] and many of the planet's non-sapient species were pushed to the edge of extinction. [8] Entire generations of protoss lived, fought, and died without ever knowing of the psychic link their ancestors had once possessed.

1640s, from Latin aeon , from Greek aion "age, vital force, a period of existence, lifetime, generation;" in plural, "eternity," from PIE root *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity" (cf. Sanskrit ayu "life," Avestan ayu "age," Latin aevum "space of time, eternity," Gothic aiws "age, eternity," Old Norse ævi "lifetime," German ewig "everlasting," Old English a "ever, always").

This minor release addresses some possible causes for poor performance and lockups seen in . In addition it fixes a build problem on some versions of Mac OS X.

Luckily, the series is now available on Internet Archive in full, bringing back one of the most iconic series in modern adult animation. Perfect timing, too, as we’re smack dab in the peak of early 90s TV nostalgia. Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting for when TV’s Clueless comes back in vogue. I miss teddy bear backpacks.