Living in Geneva for many years, Ted managed to completed his engineering studies at ‘HES’, all while keeping to his vocation as a musician. While studying he made several albums as a producer, acquired internships and composed film music.

T'dòz represents the new generation of Haitian Vodou culture, because it promotes his "Voodoo Pop" with his first solo album " Lâcher prise (Letting Go)" which was ...

Woy Magazine is loving this latest single from T’Dòz ! T’Dòz is the oldest son of the beloved Lòlò and Manzè of Boukman Eksperyans. Talent truly runs in this family! T’Dòz became a member of Boukman Eksperyans in 1992 as a dancer. He has been living in Geneva Switzerland since 2001, and has been the producer for most of Boukman Eksperyans’s projects since 2006. “Lâcher Prise” is T’Dòz’s debut album as a singer, combining traditional racine elements with modern innovative sounds resulting in a genre called Voodoopop . Check out the breathtaking video for “Ogou”, and make sure you go to iTunes to purchase “Lâcher Prise” !!

T'doz Lâcher Prise