There’s a lot of excitement this election. Arizona is a battleground state. It’s always been leaning red, but it’s starting to turn around. We have an exciting race where our very own congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick—Congressional District 1, from the Navajo nation—is running against the highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, John McCain. We are mobilizing throughout Arizona; all of the delegates here are pushing many of our Democratic candidates to win.

Among the challenges facing Oracle is the fact that IT professionals, its traditional buyers, have been disempowered when it comes to technology decisions, with more responsibility being placed in the hands of individual departments.

As many of you know, Hurricane Irma was set to destroy much of Florida. We at Ellison Made live in an area (Clearwater/St. Pete/Tampa) that was predicted to get a direct hit by the catastrophic hurricane. Thankfully, we didn't suffer nearly as great a loss as other parts of our state; specifically the Florida Keys.