If you don’t get out of the city much, here’s what you’re missing... Global outcry saves Latin news show broadcast from Finland... What if Jerusalem were in Wisconsin? (Get a map and try this in your area too)...
Fr. Victor Feltes
One thing I brought back with me from my first trip to Israel was a better grasp of its geography. A visit to the Holy Land yields a previously unknown sense a scale, offering new insights to the Gospel. In lieu of flying everyone abroad, perhaps I can bring its holy places closer to home. Let’s allow Bloomer, Wisconsin to represent the location of ancient Jerusalem and examine where other sites in the region would be situated relative to it... Here’s a New Year’s resolution idea: Keep your Sundays internet-free in 2018... Catholic Encyclopedia: St. Thomas Becket (feast day, Dec. 29)... FSSP brings tradition, and a spiritual boost, to northern England...
. Turley
In 2012, the Catholic Diocese of Liverpool in the north of England had a dilemma. The shrine church of St. Mary’s was to be handed back to the diocese by the Benedictine Order, which had served the local people devotedly since the church first opened in 1877. Now the church would have to be sold – used as a store of some sort... The brilliant simplicity of a 400-year-old mousetrap... 8, 12 and 40: This is how we count the days of Christmas...
R. Jared Staudt
Eight octave days, culminating in a New Year. Twelve days before Epiphany. Forty days until the Presentation. This is how we count the days of Christmas. The octave and forty days are biblical, prescribed by the Mosaic Law for Circumcision and the dedication in the Temple of a male who opens his mother’s womb. Through these days... Was the star that guided the Magi a natural or supernatural occurrence? How California’s Thomas Aquinas College survived the harrowing “Thomas” wildfire...
Stephen Beale
Thomas Aquinas College narrowly escaped the worst of the Southern California fire that took its name, but still suffered extensive damage on a campus where trees are still smoldering and the ash is nearly knee-deep in some places, forcing an early end to the fall semester. College President Michael McLean, who stayed on campus as the fire enveloped the surrounding land... How Erie, Pennsylvania, got more than 4 feet of snow in just 30 hours... Where are the most Catholic places in the United States? You might be surprised... When the Christ Child awakens as you pray, His gaze imparts a blessing...
Anthony Lilles
Just as when He awoke in swaddling clothes in a manger, Christ can awaken in our hearts in prayer. In that mysterious moment His eyes communicate the same invincible joy that they did when they gazed into the eyes of His virgin mother. We know in that single instant what she knew — that He has given Himself to us and for us, and that we are the object of His delight... Shouting ‘God is woman,’ topless protester tries to steal baby Jesus in St. Peter’s Square... 5 papal quotes on Christmas...
Tom Perna
Now that we have officially entered the Christmas season, let me say – Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope that the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ as an infant will bless your life and the lives of your family and friends this Christmas season. As I always do with my writing on this website/blog, I try to find good solid Catholic theology to give to my readers... Pope’s special Angelus address: ‘St. Stephen remained anchored to the message of Jesus until His death’... A knock at midnight: A homily for Christmas Mass... Get this entire Catholic website as an instant digital download...
The full contents of the New Advent website are available as a digital download. It includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more — and it's only $...

The US and EU have imposed sanctions on the Assad regime. The patriarch described sanctions as akin to “crimes against humanity because they target the most vulnerable segments of a nation. Poor and defenseless people are the ones who pay the price.”

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The subtitle of the World magazine article is: "Gospel singer Sandi Patty confesses to adulterous affair." The title of the article is "She did it her way." Yes, she certainly "did it her way," but it was not God's way. God's way is not committing adultery or lying; nor is it God's way to destroy two families and to stand as a horrible testimony to the world and to the children involved.

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“To legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant, and that marriage is essentially an institution about adults, not children; marriage would mean nothing more than giving adults recognition and benefits in their most significant relationship.”
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