His vanity was such that he valued learning not for education, but because it granted him attention; he craved attention and prizes, and begged the Headmaster to start a school newspaper purely so he could see his own name in print. [1] When these exploits failed to grant him attention, he took to grander, more dramatic means of garnering attention. [1] Though he had never been popular with the other students, he did manage to achieve small notoriety by carving his signature in twenty foot long letters into the Quidditch pitch (earning him a weeks' worth of detentions), shooting a hologram of his own face into the sky like the Dark Mark , and sending himself eight-hundred Valentines, causing breakfast to be cancelled due to the number of droppings and feathers in the porridge . [1]

They spread back out, and Harry wandered down his aisles again. 'This is going to take forever,' he thought to himself and pulled out his mirror, "Padfoot," he spoke into it. About a minute later Sirius's face appeared.

Singular Nouns Starting with B . Baa (n.) The cry or bleating of a sheep; a bleat. Baaing (n.) The bleating of a sheep. Baal (n.) The supreme male divinity of the ...

The introduction of the flexible rapper to replace the rigid sword occurred at some time in the nineteenth century following the invention of the flexible spring steel. The exact date is unknown, but the rapper was certainly in use by 1880, and there is some unreliable evidence that it may have been as early as 1820. Nor do we know how the rapper was discovered – but it is most likely that it was discovered by accident when mining tools were adapted to be used as improvised swords.

VIA| Jared had seen a dog chained up for years. He would see Rusty lash-out to people passing by. One day Jared stopped, and everything changed. Watch the video above to see Jared and Rusty’s story!

When it came to the Clintons, the media tended to downplay or even trivialize many of their scandals. But, to be fair, a little bit of self-awareness is beginning to show up in the Russia coverage. Last Thursday, Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC noted that when it came to “opening the door” to lowering the standards of conduct by a modern president, Bill Clinton led the way with his lying and scandalous behavior. She was referring, of course, to the Lewinsky scandal, but her comments are equally appropriate to the many other Clinton scandals that didn’t receive wall-to-wall coverage.

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