Profile of the performer Raoul Zerna : Born in the City of Guayaquil, Ecuador, Raoul Zerna has brought his musical roots to the City of Los Angeles, California, where he is now one of the most influential producers/DJ’s in this "House Music Movement". At age 24, he has over 30 releases and has performed in cities like Toronto- Canada, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Acapulco-Mexico, Paterson-New Jersey, Phoenix-Arizona, Lubbock-Texas, Miami -Florida, Portland-Oregon, and soon will be touring overseas. He has DJ’ed and performed along sides with Dj Sneak, Stonebridge, Bad Boy Bill, Tall Paul, SkyLab 2000, Dj Dan, Eddie Amador, and other international acts.

Raoul Zerna started his musical journey at age 14 when he got his big break at a local radio station. He had only been DJ'ing for about 4 months and entered the radio station's DJ contest. Here he took 2nd place, where over 200 contestants entered nationwide. Not only was the contest live on the air, but it was also broadcasted live from "The Dome" (one of LA’s premier nightclubs) where 2500 people were witnessing the competition. Here is where he met Richard "Humpty" Vission, David Alvarado, Tony B!, Swedish Egil of Groove Radio, and long time friend AJ Mora (The Movement). From age 14 to this date Raoul Zerna has paid his dues as a DJ and prominent producer.

Zerna's unique style cannot go on without being noticed. He has produced and remixed tracks for various record labels such as Sound Division in Italy, Contaminated Music, Strictly Hype Recordings, Moonshine Red, Soul Phusion Records, Reload Records in Belgium, R-Mania Records in France, Uptempo Music and Blanco y Negro Records in Spain, Waxworks Records, Solmatic Records, and Cymbol Recordings, just to name a few. He has recently teamed up with Angel Alanis on A Squared/Dust Traxx where he has done original and remix production. His producing talents have attracted major labels and licensing deals. His dance floor singles "Love Sequences" and "The Hype" were used on Mixer magazine's compilation mixed by Scott Hardkiss and were also featured on MTV’s hit show "The Blame Game". Recently, his latest release on Tech-Asylum Recordings called “Ecuador y Todo el Mundo” was licensed by Duty Free Recordings out of London, England. In addition, Carl Cox rated the single #1 tune on Muzik Magazine (UK) and was the Sharp Boys #2 tune on KIIS radio in the UK. It was also used on the anticipated compilation “Future Sound of Ibiza” mixed by Tall Paul out on BMG Music and on the mixed compilation from the Mecca club in Belgium “Lagoa 11” mixed by Frank Biazzi & DJ Manu from Paris, France out on Records Mania Music. Tech-Asylum Recordings is owned and managed by Raoul Zerna. Zerna’s love for the hard and funky sounds of both House and Techno is what drove him to create and develop this new label outlet for his favorite sounds.

Raoul Zerna does not only draw people from the underground rave circuit, but any individual that likes to sweat on the dance floor. Producing techno, tech-house, and funky-disco grooves for many labels worldwide makes this young producer a hot item for the days to come. "When I do a show, I love to see different cultures dance and sweat to my music, that proves to me that I have done my job".

Born in the City of Guayaquil, Ecuador, Raoul Zerna has brought his musical roots to the City of Los Angeles, California, where he is now one of the most influential ...

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