Pleasure Island appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance in the world Prankster's Paradise . It includes various areas of the Island that are found in the original film, like the amusement park. Several new areas that weren't in the original film, like the Windup Way and the Circus Tent, were also included in the game.

Whether it be a Waffle, Crepe or Fondue, all our menu items have been crafted through years of experimentation to boast the best tastes, textures and flavours.

At a recent staff tasting we were all blown away by his food, beautifully presented and a pleasure to eat. James cut his cloth with Chris Staines at the Allium, he is a passionate chef and his commitment shines through on every plate.

Commanding 48 and 44 storeys at King West and Blue Jays Way, in the epicentre of Toronto’s King Street West neighbourhood, King Blue Condominiums delivers the ultimate in style, sophistication, luxury, and amenities, all within an exquisite urban environment.

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Dairy King has been a neighborhood favorite for over 50 years. The Jones family has owned the Dairy King for 40 years...and counting!


In 2014, Pleasure P and the original members of his former group Pretty Ricky to announce an official reunion. [6] The reunion aims an international reunion tour and a new album (Bluestars 2) with all the original members. The first commercial single of the group is called "Puddles" has been released during Valentine's Day 2015. [7]

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