1983 – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Guest Artist, Guitar, Producer, Background Vocals – Volcano

1984 – In 3-D – Guest Artist, Guitar, Mandolin, Producer – Volcano

1985 – Dare to Be Stupid – Guitar, Producer – Volcano

1986 – Polka Party! – Guitar, Producer – Volcano

1988 – Even Worse – Guitar, Producer – Volcano

The Bottomless Magazines trope as used in popular culture. Possibly one of the oldest and most abused tropes when it comes to gunplay is the frequent …

The Bull Run is great for a quiet dinner on the nights they don’t have special music performances (check the web site for performance nights). The tavern area is a comfortable dining area, the side dining room quieter early on, and generally has live music later. The food was excellent with a great selection of specials.

After White's patent expired in April 1869, a 3rd extension was refused. Other gun-makers were then allowed to produce their own weapons using the rear-loading method, without having to pay a royalty on each gun sold. Early guns were often conversions of earlier cap-and-ball revolvers, modified to accept metallic cartridges loaded from the rear, but later models, such as the Colt Model 1872 "Open Top" and the Smith & Wesson Model 3 , were designed from the start as cartridge revolvers. [6]

In 1997, The Giant began a feud with nWo member Nash, who constantly dodged the Giant, including no-showing their scheduled match at Starrcade . In 1998, at Souled Out , the two finally met in the ring, with Nash accidentally injuring The Giant's neck when he botched his signature jackknife powerbomb finisher. The botch was worked into a storyline, according to which Nash had intentionally dropped the Giant on his head in order to break his neck. [22] [23] When Nash left the nWo and formed his own stable, the nWo Wolfpac, The Giant rejoined the original nWo to oppose Nash and his allies. While back with the nWo, The Giant won two more Tag Team Championships, once with Sting as an unwilling partner (as the match was signed before The Giant returned to the nWo) and once with Scott Hall. In the interim between those two reigns, he lost his half of the titles to Sting in a singles match where only the winner would remain champion and could choose a new partner.

Rick Derringer Jackhammer BluesRick Derringer Jackhammer BluesRick Derringer Jackhammer BluesRick Derringer Jackhammer Blues