Nor was his knowledge limited to the best that had been thought and said. He was well-acquainted with the ordinary life of humanity as well, and if he was a latecomer to the sensual feast, which he first really enjoyed during his Italian journey of 1786-1788, he became an aficionado of the pleasures all men and women have in common. The Neapolitan whirling riot of delight captivated him: “Naples is a Paradise. Everyone lives in a kind of drunken abandon. I’m the same way. I hardly know myself. I seem a completely different person. Yesterday I thought: either you used to be mad, or you’re mad now.” The Roman Elegies recount the sexual adventures that meant at least as much to him as the magnificent ruins of the ancient city and the works of Michelangelo and Raphael: “We enjoy the delights of the genuine naked god, Amor, / And our rock-a-bye bed’s rhythmic, melodious creak.” On returning to staid and proper Weimar, where he resumed his duties as privy councilor to Karl August, the future Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, he met the 23-year-old Christiane Vulpius, and soon they were making love. She was a “girl of the people” who worked making artificial flowers. Goethe would father their son and eventually marry her; the most notorious misalliance in literary history scandalized the ladies of the court, but Goethe knew what he needed and wanted where love was concerned and he did as he chose.

The outcome was that UPS agreed to pay a $ million award and agreed to a comprehensive accommodations program that was implemented in their facilities throughout the country.

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