There’s no doubt that ASTPAI know what they’re doing seeing as Burden Calls is their fifth full-length record, but it’s great that even with the amount of albums they’ve put out, they still manage to surprise anyone who continues to listen. Nothing sounds the same, so it’s clear that they’re capable of switching everything up and changing how they perform while still staying true to their roots. In the end, they produce worthy punk rock records – and Burden Calls is definitely one of them!

Download: Departure, Death Everywhere, Single Use, Dead End Talking, Careers
For the fans of: The Flatliners, None More Black, Morning Glory, The Lawrence Arms, Star Fucking Hipsters
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Ass Card Records / Jump Start Records

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Astpai Burden CallsAstpai Burden CallsAstpai Burden CallsAstpai Burden Calls