“You would think it’s only people interested in military things, but it’s not. It appeals to everyone,” said Sutton.

Playfair emphasizes that any number can be represented by a scaled line. He would later credit this insight to his brother, John, who “made me keep a register of a thermometer, expressing the variations by lines on a divided scale. He taught me to know, that, whatever can be expressed in numbers, may be represented by lines” (Playfair, 1805, xvi). The idea may also be linked to Joseph Priestley, who utilizes it first in his Chart of Biography (1765) and then in his more ambitious (and more visually arresting) New Chart of History (first ed. 1769, second in 1770). Each of these works anticipates Playfair’s assumption that every numerical quality (the years of a life or the duration of a historical event) could be readily translated into a line—which is also the organizing principle of any timeline. In his companion description to the New Chart of History , Priestley, like Playfair after him, used geographic analogies and argued that all time could be represented as a line. “Time here,” Priestley insists, “flows uniformly, from the beginning to the end of the tablet. It is also represented as flowing laterally , like a river. .” (8). With a horizontal axis of years and a vertical axis of territories, Priestley aspired to the visual equivalent of universal history. (See Fig. 2.)

At the disobedient end of the spectrum were those individuals (8,590 recorded in 1603) who staunchly adhered to the Roman church’s insistence that compliance was an insult to the faith. They were known as recusants (from the Latin recusare: to refuse) and they paid a high price for their ‘obstinacy’. In 1559 the fine for missing church was 12 pence. In 1581 it was raised to a crippling 20 pounds.

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Different ores contain different amounts of iron. Hematite and magnetite have about 70 percent iron, limonite has about 60 percent, pyrite and siderite have 50 percent, while taconite has only 30 percent. Using a combination of both deep mining (under the ground) and opencast mining (on the surface), the world produces approximately 1000 million tons of iron ore each year, with China responsible for just over half of it.

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The UK’s Bank of England (BoE) has said it wants the Sterling Over Night Index Average — known as Sonia — to replace the now infamous, scandal hit London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) in setting commercial sterling interest rates by end of 2021. BoE governor Mark Carney said in a speech to bankers in London : Timeline for Breaking banks

It has become increasingly clear that we cannot rely on Libor in the long term. The Libor rate is used to decide the value for trillions of pounds worth of loan contracts between banks and, in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, was found to have been manipulated by traders to profit the banks they worked for. Many banks have since been fined by various countries’ banking watchdogs and some traders have been jailed. However, Carney warned the banks which currently quote the interbank lending rates that are used to calculate the Libor rate might pull out and precipitate the benchmark’s collapse. He said this “raises obvious financial stability concerns”. Reuters reports that Barclays chief compliance officer Francois Jourdain would remain chair of the group, aided by Shell finance executive Frances Hinden and Legal & General Investment Management’s Simon Wilkinson as vice-chairs. It is unclear what would then happen to the Libor rate after 2021 and whether it would continue to used by banks. What is Sonia? Sonia is the effective reference overnight rate for unsecured transactions in the sterling market, overseen by the Sonia advisory committee , part of the Bank of England. Changing from using the Libor rate to the Sonia rate appears to be an attempt by the BoE to include fund managers and non-financial companies that issue debt, as well as bankers in setting commercial sterling interest rates. Each London business day the Sonia fixing is calculated as the weighted average rate of all unsecured overnight sterling transactions brokered in London by Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association (WMBA) members between 12am and London time in a minimum deal size of £25m. 3 Things That Will Change the World Today Get the Verdict morning email It was launched in March 1997 by the WMBA, and is endorsed by the British Bankers Association (BBA). Before Sonia, the WMBA had no Sterling overnight funding rate, creating volatility in the overnight interest rate. After Sonia was created it gave a stability to overnight rates and encouraged the creation of the Overnight Index Swaps markets and the Sterling Money Markets. Money matters Related © copyright 2017 GlobalData PLC. Contact . About . Privacy Policy

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