The MRF's surveillance operations included the use of front companies (see below ) and disguises. Former members claim they posed as road sweepers, dustmen and even homeless meths -drinkers while carrying out surveillance. [7] The MRF is known to have used double agents referred to as 'Freds'. These were republican or loyalist paramilitaries who were recruited by British Military Intelligence. The Freds would work inside paramilitary groups, feeding back information to the MRF. They were also ferried through Belfast in armoured cars, and through the gunslit would point-out paramilitary individuals of note. Through this method the MRF compiled extensive photographs and dossiers of Belfast militants of both factions. [13]

One way to stop moles from digging is through a barrier. You can dig a deep trench around your garden and fill it with gravel, then bury dirt over the top of it. Moles won’t want to go through that gravel barrier and will turn around. You can also shove wire mesh or chicken wire into the ground to act as a barrier.

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Waf fulfills the features above out-of-the-box, and provides a framework to extend its functionality when necessary. The main differences compared to other frameworks lie it its design: